All Designers Should be NAPP Members

CPD is proud to be a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). There are many benefits to joining NAPP including being part of the large member community that ranges from beginners to professionals. The association is a great fit for Photographers, but also provides value for graphic designers and website designers due to the large range of tutorials and resources that are available online.

Membership fees are $99 for 1-year or $179 for a 2-year membership. Included in your NAPP membership is a subscription to Photoshop user Magazine.


Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Most people who fire up their computer in the morning first check their email account(s). It is common to quickly hit the delete key on what looks like junk and only stop on those emails that catch your eye. Here are a few tips on how to make your emails stand out and get users attention.

A Catchy Title
In most cases, the title is the only thing people will read when it comes to deciding whether to hit delete or open an email. The key to creating a successful title is to keep is short and to the point. Long titles are more likely to be ignored and deleted compared to short, direct, and if possibly catchy email titles.


YouTube Users Watch over 100 Videos per Month

Did you know that the average YouTube user watched over 100 videos during the month of May? comScore released a video matrix today about online user-ship of services like YouTube, Hulu, and more. The stats show that there are 183 millions users in the US that watch internet video. Setting a new record, the average YouTube user watched 101.2 videos during the month of May and 14.6 billion total views.

This demonstrates the opportunities that are available online by getting involved in video marketing, demos, tutorials, recorded webinars, and other ways to post information online.


SEO – Only 1 Component of Internet Marketing Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the big buzz words in internet marketing, but the truth is that SEO is only one component of creating a successful web presence. Yes, search engines like Google are the most common tool that people use to try to find a business and showing up on the front page of organic searches is very important. Does this mean that you should spend your entire marketing budget, time, and energy toward SEO? NOOOOO! Here is why…

There are multiple resources available on the internet to drive users to your website. Social networking sites are now becoming very mature and offer even more capabilities than their early years.


Provide Valuable Information for FREE

It is incredibly important to provide valuable information to your customers and prospects. Demonstrate that you are an expert in your industry and teach people how to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk when it comes to your products and services. Oh yea… and do it for FREE.
What are the benefits of providing free information?
To start, you need to give your customers a reason to listen to you when you make a recommendation for why they should buy your product or service. Demonstrating the do’s and don’ts, things to be aware of in competitors, etc. are great information for clients that don’t have your industry knowledge. This is a way of building trust.


Improve Google Places Listing With Sponsored Tag

Editor’s Update – 4/28/2011 – Google recently announced that they are no longer supporting this feature in Google Places
Google has recently added a new sponsored link feature to Google Maps listings that is meant to increase the effectiveness of your listing on Google Maps. The new feature is called a ‘Sponsored Tag’. For a flat fee of $25 per month. You can add a sponsored link to your listing via Google Places. The listing appears on Google Maps searches as well as some organic searches that display map results. The intention of this new sponsored link is to give users another link to click on your business.