Shopify Launches Burst, a Free Stock Photos Site for Entrepeneurs

Free is almost always a good thing and Shopify’s brand new site, Burst is no exception.  It offers great looking, free stock images, curated collections and even a “business idea” area for the “itchy” entrepreneur. While we always encourage our clients to use custom, professional photography where possible, there are a growing number of great resources out…


IE + Firebug Lite = A Love Story

Here at CPD, when we are doing our bug/browser testing on new sites, Internet Explorer has always been our last and least favorite web browser to test in. It has no native developer tools and very poor plugin support, which has always made debugging code in it very cumbersome. Unfortunately for us, Internet Explorer is also…


Beautify Your Javascript

Here is a great, free online resource for making your javascript beautiful and readable: – Online Javascript Beautifier This is especially useful when working with javascript that has been minified and thus almost impossible to work with… Simply copy/paste the code and click beautify.