Founded in San Diego, California, Crown Point Design (CPD) provides web design, website development, and internet marketing services. CPD helps local and national businesses establish professional web presences with custom websites geared toward driving results. From simple sites coded in HTML to complex, content management systems with customizable media galleries and blogs, CPD has experience in creating sites for a wide range of organizations.

Why choose CPD?

Utilizing the latest web technologies, CPD establishes and manages web related platforms including email marketing, sponsored search, search engine optimization (SEO), social networking, and other internet advertising opportunities. CPD is partnered with leaders in technology and marketing, allowing efficient creation of comprehensive web solutions. In order to achieve well-rounded internet marketing platforms for each client, CPD places a heavy emphasis on personalized service, understanding specific online goals, and targeting intended markets.

Crown Point Design is a growing, energetic, and affordable company based on the idea that ‘creativity + quality = success.’ Explore our online portfolio to see samples of CPD’s website development.

As a San Diego based organization, CPD has developed a successful approach to designing new websites for businesses large and small. Outlined here is the strategy that is used in website design, but also applies to services like internet marketing and corporate branding.

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Project Managers

The success of CPD revolves around the decisions and experience of its employees. Driven by creativity and a desire to learn, the CPD team is well rounded in its ability to provide customers the resources they need to be successful. Learn more about the project managers you will work with at CPD.

Christopher Vassallo | Topher | San Diego Web Designer

Project Manager, Principal

A founder of Crown Point Design, Topher has over a decade of experience in corporate web design and information technology. After graduating with honors from Merrimack College, Topher moved to San Diego to work as an IT systems engineer. A few years later, he was able to fulfill his dream of becoming a business owner…

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Human Resources & Customer Relations Lead

Shortly after graduating from Marist College in NY, Allison headed west to the San Diego sunshine. Upon her arrival, she landed a job as a corporate event planner and enjoyed the perk of getting paid to learn about all of the great places San Diego has to offer. She remained in this industry for about…

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Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

Bio coming soon!

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The Importance of Website Design

In today’s competitive web environment, having a website that is visually appealing is very important. Here is a few reasons why designing custom websites is so important:

  • Browser compatibility – your website needs to look the same in all web browsers.
  • Ease-of-use – a well designed website makes it very easy for users to navigate to the information they want.
  • SEO benefits – Search engines like Google are so advanced, that they can detect well designed websites and help improve their ranking.
  • Branding – Make the website a reflection of your business with a creative unique design.

Our Process to Designing Websites

CPD takes great pride in our ability to work with clients and produce high quality websites. A successful relationship between the designer and client always revolves around communication. From our San Diego offices, CPD is available to meet and discuss all web projects.

Identifying the needs of the client and helping to define the terms and technologies that are involved are an important first step in custom website design. It is critical that the client understand their own needs before depending upon a website design company to help them.

Learn more about CPD’s design process.