Staying Organized With Dropbox

A challenge that a lot of people come across is keeping their files organized when working with multiple devices. For example, I access certain website files from a desktop, laptop, and when necessary from my smartphone (running Android). A program called Dropbox allows me to store certain files that I can access from all three devices without save copies all over the place. When the file is uploaded in one location, it syncs with all locations.

Dropbox provides online backup and sync for free up to 2 Gb.


Everyone Please “Exit Through The Gift Shop”

Update: An interesting question… Will Banksy reveal himself if he wins the Oscar for Best Ducmentary Film? Good Article.

If you enjoy street art as much as I do then you certainly have heard of Banksy, one of the most influential street artists of our time. For the rest of you, go and see his new movie Exit Through The Gift Shop and you will understand why. This recently released film by Banksy will give you a look at the modern day street art scene. By the end of the movie you will be thinking about art in a new way, I guarantee it.

Having seen Banksy’s work in the San Diego Contemporary Art Museum this past summer, I had an appreciation for his work. Since then I have seen his name come up more and more.


The Super Bowl Ads That Drew Attention

After a commercial have you ever heard people say something like “well that was a dumb ad” and then the entire room breaks into a discussion about the product? If that is the case then the marketing team did their job. The goal of an advertisement, whether it be television, print, or online, is to get you thinking about their product or service. The more you think about it, then the next time you are in a buying mode that brand name will be attractive to you.

With that said there were some commercials during yesterday’s Super Bowl that drew more attention than others.


Why Did Google Wave Fail?

Several months ago Google announced the discontinuation of Wave. This was a product that the entire tech world buzzing (no pun intended for Google Buzz users). As I think back to two years ago when there was so much anticipation I have to admit that I too was incredibly anxious to get my hands on the product and be part of its growth. As an early adopter I was part of the first alpha release to select developers to test the product. At the time, there were still several bugs and design flaws that need to be worked out, but I saw the general direction the revolutionary email application was headed. As I step back and analyze the reason for its failure to be adopted by users, here is what I came up with:


Adding Social Media Links To Your Website

Having a presence in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Youtube is critical to your web presence. Linking these together with your own website is an important way to tie together your online marketing efforts. You should think of your website as your central marketing tool. All online and offline campaigns should drive users to your website. For example – blog articles should link directly to your site, tweets should provide a link for more information, and print ads should have your URL listed. These are some of the ways to use your website as a central marketing tool.


5 Ways To Be Successful With An Ecommerce Website

The appeal for businesses to expand their target market by creating an ecommerce website may sound much easier than it really is. Many small business owners in San Diego and other cities think that creating an e-commerce website is easy and requires little overhead. The truth is it can be, but how successful will you be with a store that has no marketing backbone? Here are five ways that your ecommerce website can achieve success.


The Design Of Your Logo Can Change

It is important to change the design of your logo, website, and other marketing materials periodically. Just because you have had the same logo, color scheme, and templates for years doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. Here is a great video that was posted by CNN about the transformation of many well known brands over time. These recognizable logos have transformed over the years to appeal to the modern day target market that they seek.


Websites Prepare For The Year Of The Tablet

The popularity that Amazon developed with the Kindle and Apple has reinvented in the IPad has taken notice by Google, Microsoft, and Blackberry amongst others. In 2011 websites need to prepare for increased viewership on the mobile operating systems that tablets run on. We project that 2011 will be known as the year of the tablet. The competition will get competitive, the prices will come down, and the apps will continue to be developed.


Thinking Like A Search Engine

With all the marketing and tactics that are used in search engine optimization, it is sometimes helpful to pause and think like a search engine. What is the goal of a search engine? To put it simply, they are trying to provide you with the information you are looking for based on your search. Search engines get smarter and smarter and even over the past 5 years, 3 years, or even 1 year, you can see significant improvement in the sophistication of Google and others.

Have you ever read the mission statement of Google?