Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the big buzz words in internet marketing, but the truth is that SEO is only one component of creating a successful web presence. Yes, search engines like Google are the most common tool that people use to try to find a business and showing up on the front page of organic searches is very important. Does this mean that you should spend your entire marketing budget, time, and energy toward SEO? NOOOOO! Here is why…

There are multiple resources available on the internet to drive users to your website. Social networking sites are now becoming very mature and offer even more capabilities than their early years. Sites like Yelp, Kudzu, StumbleUpon, and Delicious encourage user interaction which makes for a great user experience. Being involved in a community based site has more value than a paid advertisement, because you can let your clients advertise for you and often times these services are free.

When you search for your company on a search engine how many results do you show up in? A successful internet marketing plan will have your company listed in multiple resources making you look like an established and professional business.

Other components of a successful internet marketing strategy include email marketing, blogging, and search engine marketing (also referred to as SEM, PPC, or CCP advertising). Utilizing multiple resources is the best strategy for gaining users from across the web. Simultaneously, while taking advantage of these tools you will in turn be helping your search engine rankings by increasing you inbound link activity and establishing a better web presence.

When designing your website, it is vital to take advantage of white-hat search engine optmization – SEO – best practices, but don’t overlook these other areas or think your job is done once the on-page SEO components are taken care of. SEO is only the beginning of how you can achieve internet marketing success.

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