Email Marketing Discussion :: Video

Email Marketing DiscussionThere are common questions that come up around being successful with Email Marketing and CPD owners Scott Farquharson and Christopher Vassallo address some of those in this discussion. E-mail Marketing is incredibly important in today’s online marketing strategies and the value cannot be overlooked. There are several best practices that should be considered when executing a successful email marketing plan and this video does a great job of pointing them out.


How to Create an FAQ page

Create an FAQ pageA great way to provide valuable content for your website is to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that provides answers to the most popular questions that your customers have. An FAQ page can be one of the top ranking pages in your site traffic. Additionally, FAQ pages can receive great ranking to common search engine queries relative to your Q & A.

To create an FAQ page, you first need to determine what the top 10-20 most frequently asked questions about your business.


Photo Shoot From A Helicopter

Aerial Photography for DesignAbout a month ago I got the opportunity to do a photo shoot from a helicopter over San Diego – up and down the coast line of La Jolla, over the skyline of San Diego, and the Harbor. One of the koolest photo shoots I have done. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to shoot the New York City skyline from a helicopter as seen in the video.

At CPD we always stress the importance of professional photography in website design and corporate print collateral.


Pros + Cons of Google Voice

Review of Google VoiceLast week Google announced that they have opened access to Google Voice for everyone in the U.S. (previously available by invite only). According to Google, “Google Voice isn’t ready for businesses and schools quite yet, but we’re exploring additional functionality for organizations.”

We will stay tuned for future updates and functionality, but this is a good opportunity to look at the pros and cons of the current free service provided by Google.


All Designers Should be NAPP Members

NAPP MembershipCPD is proud to be a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). There are many benefits to joining NAPP including being part of the large member community that ranges from beginners to professionals. The association is a great fit for Photographers, but also provides value for graphic designers and website designers due to the large range of tutorials and resources that are available online.

Membership fees are $99 for 1-year or $179 for a 2-year membership. Included in your NAPP membership is a subscription to Photoshop user Magazine.


Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing SuccessMost people who fire up their computer in the morning first check their email account(s). It is common to quickly hit the delete key on what looks like junk and only stop on those emails that catch your eye. Here are a few tips on how to make your emails stand out and get users attention.

A Catchy Title
In most cases, the title is the only thing people will read when it comes to deciding whether to hit delete or open an email. The key to creating a successful title is to keep is short and to the point. Long titles are more likely to be ignored and deleted compared to short, direct, and if possibly catchy email titles.