When Does Website Creativity Impact Usability

Website Creativity and User ExperienceCreativity is an important part distinguishing your brand in multiple platforms including your website, blog, or even business cards. When it comes to websites there is a line between being creative and negatively impacting the user experience. Here are some components to user experience that need to be considered when creativity is taking over.

Navigation Placement

Whether you like it or not, there is a certain navigation standard that users have become accustomed to. A top horizontal bar or left vertical bar are typical web design components.


What If Microsoft Invented The IPod?

Microsoft's Ipod BrandingIn the wake of Microsoft’s big announcement today that they will be acquiring Skype to the tune of $8.5 billion, I thought I would share a funny video about the difference in branding and product appeal between Apple and Microsoft. I should preface this video with the fact that I am a complete supporter of the products Microsoft puts out there. I would also be lying if I didn’t say that Apple’s marketing blows them out of the water and this shows why.


Email Security With Google Apps

Google Apps two-factor authenticationIn an effort to improve security Google has recently released a feature that allows for two-factor login authentication. The feature can easily by turned on by your account administrator. The primary goal is to improve security to prevent malicious attacks on your email account. You have probably heard horror stories of email accounts being hacked in the past. This two-step login process does a great job of improving that issue.


IE + Firebug Lite = A Love Story

Firebug LiteHere at CPD, when we are doing our bug/browser testing on new sites, Internet Explorer has always been our last and least favorite web browser to test in. It has no native developer tools and very poor plugin support, which has always made debugging code in it very cumbersome. Unfortunately for us, Internet Explorer is also the most bug prone and widely used web browser on the planet. This makes the obvious solution of ignoring its existence somewhat impractical…


Part Time Website Design Summer Internship

Website Summer InternWe are looking for a part time summer intern for website design in our San Diego office. The ideal candidate will be highly-motivated and possess a working knowledge of: CSS, HTML, Photoshop & Illustrator. Experience with PHP, MySql, JavaScript & other advanced languages is preferred. One of San Diego’s fastest growing web companies, CPD focuses on a wide range of design, development and marketing projects for small to medium businesses throughout the US. Visit the website www.crownpointdesigns.com.


Free Desktop Sharing Tool Join.me

Desktop Sharing ToolJoin.me (www.join.me) is a great desktop sharing tool that allows users to share their desktop with selected participants. This free tool has proven to be great for sharing websites and other design work remotely. There is a very simple sharing procedure that involves one person sharing their desktop and providing a simple access code to other participants. It is fast and easy to understand the setup steps. We have been able to show things to very non-technical users using Join.me over the past 6 months.


Owning Your Website

Owning Your Website InformationAs a San Diego based website design company, we have dealt with a lot of businesses that have come to us from previous web designers. It amazes me how many businesses don’t have control over their website files, website hosting, domain name(s), and/or email accounts. We have witnessed some messy situations with clients trying to get the information they need in regards to their existing website out of former website designers, developers, and consultants. I am hear to tell you that YOU should be in control of all this information as the primary owner.


How Fast Is Your Website Loading?

Speed Up Web Page LoadingWebpage load time is more important than people might think. Ever go to a website that takes a long time to load due to flash or the heavy use of images and scripts? That makes life frustrating and is also recognized by search engines. Google just released a new tool that allows users to test the load performance of your website called Page Speed. The free tool from Google Labs is easy to use on any URL. Just plugin a URL and see the load suggestions.

Try Page Speed on your website and analyze


Are Web Directories Still Worth It?

Important Directories to be listedI have had a lot of questions lately about whether submitting to online directories is still worth the effort to improve your web traffic? The buzz has certainly died down over the past couple of years about the importance of directory listings. However, having a presence in industry related directories is still worth the effort. As a member of my San Diego SEO group stated, the trend has been towards relevance. So gone are the days of submitting to a dozen random directories, instead pick niche dorectories that are relevant to your industry.

The big recognizable directories are still


Make Your Facebook & Twitter Accounts More Secure

Securing Facebook and TwitterBoth Facebook and Twitter have recently made security improvements that allow users to take advantage of a secure connection using HTTPS. This means that you can ensure that the information you send remains private. Using HTTPS is particularly important when using WiFi connections which can never be trusted. You need to enable this security measure in both Facebook and Twitter in some very easy to follow steps outlined here. Is this important? YES.

Facebook – Setting up HTTPS

On Jan. 26, 2011 Facebook announced there release of full time HTTPS. Until then, HTTPS was only used when logging into the system. Now, users can enable it full time by following these steps:

1) Login to your account.