Google Analytics Adds More Value to ROI Tracking

At Crown Point Design, we highly recommend Google Analytics be installed on your website. Google recently announced that they have updated several areas of their free service including user interface enhancements, real-time reporting, flow visualization, multi-channel funnels, and mobile reporting. These enhancements help organizations to further analyze their online performance and return on investments. CPD…


How Does Yelp Filter Bad Reviews?

In this video, Yelp explains in a nutshell how their service works and how reviews are filtered for a business listing. The overall goal of Yelp’s reviews are to keep out spam and un-trusted comments. Let’s be honest, not all reviews that people post are genuine and reflect theĀ unbiasedĀ opinion of a business. This video does…


YELP can help your small business

Over the past year, we have seen a lot of San Diego based businesses increase their web traffic through Yelp. Businesses that can gain positive Yelp reviews from active users will see an increase in their business. The question is, are you a Yelper? If not, you should be. One of the great changes that…


Thinking About Data Collection in Internet Marketing

It is scary to think about the online footprint we leave and the ability that both companies and individuals can access. Purchase behavior, search queries, click behavior, and more. As an internet marketing firm in San Diego, we recommend, install, and analyze web metrics tools like Google Analytics to understand how websites are performing. The…


Google Places Not Totally Trustworthy

Google Places information can not be trusted. We write a lot about Google on this blog and most of it is great. We love their search and fast changing service offerings. To be fair, we want to point out how poor Google Places is and how frustrating it can be to work with. For those…


The Super Bowl Ads That Drew Attention

Super Bowl TV CommercialsAfter a commercial have you ever heard people say something like “well that was a dumb ad” and then the entire room breaks into a discussion about the product? If that is the case then the marketing team did their job. The goal of an advertisement, whether it be television, print, or online, is to get you thinking about their product or service. The more you think about it, then the next time you are in a buying mode that brand name will be attractive to you.

With that said there were some commercials during yesterday’s Super Bowl that drew more attention than others.


Adding Social Media Links To Your Website

Social Media Links for WebsitesHaving a presence in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Youtube is critical to your web presence. Linking these together with your own website is an important way to tie together your online marketing efforts. You should think of your website as your central marketing tool. All online and offline campaigns should drive users to your website. For example – blog articles should link directly to your site, tweets should provide a link for more information, and print ads should have your URL listed. These are some of the ways to use your website as a central marketing tool.


Managing Sponsored Search Campaigns

Managing Google AdwordsAre you spending money in sponsored search? Adwords is Google’s product for managing sponsored search campaigns through pay per click advertising (PPC). If so, Adwords campaigns need to be nurtured and have a daily focus in order to achieve top results. When managing a budget in Adwords, it is important to test various campaigns and settings. Here are a few tips to help improve the success of your online sponsored search campaigns:


Email Marketing :: Importance Of The Subject Line

Email Subject LineWhen you open your email in the morning you are likely inundated with emails and have to cut the list down by deleting junk, reading things that are important, and saving things that you might be interested in. When it comes to newsletters and other email drip campaigns, you want to be one of the emails that is saved to take a closer look at when the time is right. So how do people judge whether it should be saved or tossed? A lot of that has to do with how intriguing the subject line of the email is.


Email Marketing Discussion :: Video

Email Marketing DiscussionThere are common questions that come up around being successful with Email Marketing and CPD owners Scott Farquharson and Christopher Vassallo address some of those in this discussion. E-mail Marketing is incredibly important in today’s online marketing strategies and the value cannot be overlooked. There are several best practices that should be considered when executing a successful email marketing plan and this video does a great job of pointing them out.