Email Marketing SuccessMost people who fire up their computer in the morning first check their email account(s). It is common to quickly hit the delete key on what looks like junk and only stop on those emails that catch your eye. Here are a few tips on how to make your emails stand out and get users attention.

A Catchy Title
In most cases, the title is the only thing people will read when it comes to deciding whether to hit delete or open an email. The key to creating a successful title is to keep is short and to the point. Long titles are more likely to be ignored and deleted compared to short, direct, and if possibly catchy email titles.

Offer Plain Text version as well as HTML Version
One of the challenges of email marketing is that people view emails in various browsers, software applications, and operating systems and often times have custom settings which make emails appear differently. Offering a plain text version of your email for those users who do not accept HTML emails is great practice. Constant Contact offers a great email marketing solution that solves this challenge.

Image Alt Tags
Because many users have images turned off it is important to offer them an alternative when they open your email. Using Alt tags, some text will appear where the image should be which at least helps fill the space of the email.

Use Buttons For Call-to-Action
Research has shown that using buttons as a link (rather than a flat hyperlink) will get more clicks. You don’t need to make your buttons overly fancy, just as long as they POP and stand out as a call to action for users.

Keep Text Short n’ Sweet
Many email campaigns love to post long articles. The reality is that very few users will read through a long article within your email. The key is to provide a few short paragraphs for each topic or article that you are providing. A good rule of thumb is 3 articles with two paragraphs each or 2 articles with 3 paragraphs each. Then use a more… link that takes users to your website to continue reading the article. This is yet another call to action and way to get users back to your website for more information.

Email marketing is a widely used component of a successful internet marketing strategy. Creating successful emails is a whole separate challenge. Constant Contact is a leader in email marketing and their blog, Constant Commentary, is a great resource on this subject.

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