Are You Ready For The Wave?

Google Wave Release

Google today released the beta version of their ground breaking web technology Google Wave to a closed group of 100,000 testers. The final test group will help Google locate the remaining bugs in the product before its highly anticipated release later this year.

Wave has been a highly talked about product ever since its announcement last May at Google I/O 2009. The ground breaking technology combines elements of e-mail, wiki, chat, blogs, and more into one robust communication platform. The Australian brothers who head up the project are the same developers that gave us the highly used Google Maps functionality.


The Facebook Model of Success

The internet is currently flooded with articles, blog posts, and tweets about social networking. You have to be living in a 3rd world country to have not heard of MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on and on… The buzz of internet marketing has caught on faster than anyone would have predicted. The question we now ask is will this hype last or is it just a fad? Let’s take a look at the founding father of the social networking scene and analyze their success. We are talking of course about Facebook.

facebookHow it Started
Facebook was started with the intention of connecting college students from all areas to keep in touch with old friends. Members used to be exclusively college students based on whether their school allowed it. If we look back only a generation ago, people used to go off to college and not have contact with their old high school friends until coming back for thanksgiving, Christmas break, or summer vacation. Remember that it was a time when nobody had cell phones or email and communication was a lot different.


sitemap.html Vs. Sitemap.xml

There are two types of sitemaps that you can create to help search engines crawl your website. The first is an HTML file labeled sitemap.html. This file provides the links to all the pages within your website in a simple list fashion and usually categorized. They HTML file helps search engines figure out how all the pages on your site are linked together so that it does not miss anything as it crawls your site. This is also helpful to users who may be looking for a page in a paticular category or section of your website. The sitemap.html file should be linked from the most important areas of your website (usually the home page).


Using Video to Improve your SEO

Google recently announced its plans to discontinue the services of Google Video. This comes as no surprise to many as rumors have gone around for a while about Google’s plans to increase the use and relevance of YouTube videos.


Google purchased YouTube in Oct. of 2006 for a lofty $1.65 billion. YouTube is still seeing daily video uploads in record quantities. So how can utilizing YouTube video help your SEO?


Optimize Your Page Titles

One of the most common SEO tips that we give as part of Crown Point Design’s free SEO site consultations, is to optimize the page titles on your site.

Page Title

Page Titles are located in the very top left corner of your web browser. We often find that websites are using the same page title for every page and is usually very generic such as:

<title>Crown Point Design – Home</title>