500 People in 100 Seconds

While taking a look around for some frames I stumbled across this video. At CPD  we talk about creativity and seeing things that nobody else has done. To me, this was both. I am sure there was a lot of effort to stitch this all together and sync it just right and at the end…


Remembering Steve Jobs

One of the true innovaters of our time, Steve Jobs, has passed away at age 56. The former CEO of Apple has helped pioneer products such as the Macintosh, iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad among other software and hardware innovations. One of my favorite quotes about design comes from Jobs who said: “Design is not…


Jaw Dropping Iceberg Photos

In San Diego we don’t see a lot of icebergs, but as web designers we are always looking for inspiration and the beauty of other talented designers and photographer’s work. Today I came across Camille Seaman’s TED Talk on photographing icebergs. Throughout her career Camille has witnessed some amazing footage that she shares passion to…


When Does Website Creativity Impact Usability

Website Creativity and User ExperienceCreativity is an important part distinguishing your brand in multiple platforms including your website, blog, or even business cards. When it comes to websites there is a line between being creative and negatively impacting the user experience. Here are some components to user experience that need to be considered when creativity is taking over.

Navigation Placement

Whether you like it or not, there is a certain navigation standard that users have become accustomed to. A top horizontal bar or left vertical bar are typical web design components.


IE + Firebug Lite = A Love Story

Firebug LiteHere at CPD, when we are doing our bug/browser testing on new sites, Internet Explorer has always been our last and least favorite web browser to test in. It has no native developer tools and very poor plugin support, which has always made debugging code in it very cumbersome. Unfortunately for us, Internet Explorer is also the most bug prone and widely used web browser on the planet. This makes the obvious solution of ignoring its existence somewhat impractical…


Name The Incomplete Logo

Here is a fun game about how strong logo design and brand recognition have become to businesses. Designing logos is an art form and making them have a lasting impression that you can identify them when they are only partially complete is brainwashing. That is what these top companies have done to some degree. We are surrounded…


Color In Design Can Be Used In Many Ways

As a web designer, I have spent hours looking at different color combinations for websites, email marketing templates, and other advertising pieces. Color can be the grueling thing that makes or breaks your design, right? Well maybe not, but it sure is important. Ask any graphic artist, interior designer, painter, or fashion designer and they…


Everyone Please “Exit Through The Gift Shop”

Exit Through The Gift ShopUpdate: An interesting question… Will Banksy reveal himself if he wins the Oscar for Best Ducmentary Film? Good Article.

If you enjoy street art as much as I do then you certainly have heard of Banksy, one of the most influential street artists of our time. For the rest of you, go and see his new movie Exit Through The Gift Shop and you will understand why. This recently released film by Banksy will give you a look at the modern day street art scene. By the end of the movie you will be thinking about art in a new way, I guarantee it.

Having seen Banksy’s work in the San Diego Contemporary Art Museum this past summer, I had an appreciation for his work. Since then I have seen his name come up more and more.


The Design Of Your Logo Can Change

Changing Logo Designs Over TimeIt is important to change the design of your logo, website, and other marketing materials periodically. Just because you have had the same logo, color scheme, and templates for years doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. Here is a great video that was posted by CNN about the transformation of many well known brands over time. These recognizable logos have transformed over the years to appeal to the modern day target market that they seek.


Design Masters Show Off Their Skillz

If you live in the San Diego area you may have seen an awesome mural on the side of Horten Plaza in downtown shown here. It is actually an exhibit by the Contemporary Art Museum (which I highly recommend). The mural was done by two Brazilian twin brothers that have been featured around the world for their…