Yoga ecommerce website

New E-Commerce Website Launch For Socially Minded Start Up

Crown Point Design is happy to announce the launch of a project we have been working hard on this year, PAYoga Forward. The site sells yoga mats, yoga towels and yoga accessories. What makes PAYoga Forward (PYF) unique is their model for contributing part of their profits to charitable causes. Yoga teaches many lessons, one…


Google To Penalize Non Mobile Friendly Sites

Significant impact expected in April 2015 For the majority of companies we’ve worked with, having their website show up in search results is an important priority. It’s rare that we encounter an organization that doesn’t care about being found with an appropriate Google search. If search result placement is at all important to you, we…


“Crown Point Design did a great job for us! We will be back.”

Crown Point Design recently received a 5-star review from Larry with East Cascade Products. The review says: When they completed the site the next step of getting it up, running, and working correctly was next, and it went very smooth, they had everything thought of in advance and prepared. Crown Point Design has such an…


500 People in 100 Seconds

While taking a look around for some frames I stumbled across this video. At CPD  we talk about creativity and seeing things that nobody else has done. To me, this was both. I am sure there was a lot of effort to stitch this all together and sync it just right and at the end…


CPD Selects Just In Time for Foster Youth as First Kaizen Project Recipient

Earlier this year, we announced a new Crown Point Design program called the Kaizen Project. It’s a program that offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to receive a complete online makeover at no cost. Now, we’re happy to announce that we’ve selected San Diego non-profit Just In Time for Foster Youth as our 2012 Kaizen recipient. This…


CPD Announces Program For Non-Profits To Receive a Free Website & Year Of Support

Crown Point Design is committed to giving back to our community. That’s why we’ve created the Kaizen Project, a program to help deserving non-profits deliver their mission through website design, graphics, and Internet marketing, all provided free of cost for one full year. “Kaizen” means improvement or change for the better, and refers to the…

Embed PSD Files on Your Web Page

How To Embed * Files on Your Website or Blog

Ever wonder why noone has invented a way to have a pdf or a word doc easily embeded in the body of a web page or blog?If you answered yes then Google has made your compatibility dreams have come true with an old, but relitively unknown service called “Google Docs Viewer”. Google Docs Viewer allows…


Google Analytics Adds More Value to ROI Tracking

At Crown Point Design, we highly recommend Google Analytics be installed on your website. Google recently announced that they have updated several areas of their free service including user interface enhancements, real-time reporting, flow visualization, multi-channel funnels, and mobile reporting. These enhancements help organizations to further analyze their online performance and return on investments. CPD…


How Does Yelp Filter Bad Reviews?

In this video, Yelp explains in a nutshell how their service works and how reviews are filtered for a business listing. The overall goal of Yelp’s reviews are to keep out spam and un-trusted comments. Let’s be honest, not all reviews that people post are genuine and reflect the unbiased opinion of a business. This video does…


Email Marketing A Big Hit For Our Customers

After rebuilding Freight88’s website over a year ago, CPD recently received an updated review about their experience working with us. “It’s been a bit over a year since I had Scott and Crown Point Design rebuild my site, and I’m happier today than I was back then, and I was very happy then.” CPD has…