We take pride in providing our clients with
award winning designs, unsurpassed hosting,
monthly site maintenance packages,
friendly customer service & a suite of design services
geared to drive quantifiable results.


Scalable Website Hosting Services

Hosting your Web Site in an easily managed location is important for site speed, security, updates and adjustments. We are happy to offer world class, scalable hosting options at every price point. Not only does this give you a great, local hosting provider, it also allows us to make easy site updates when needed.

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Website Maintenance & Updates

Offering a variety of plans for any sized business, our monthly maintenance plans are a necessity if you don’t have someone on your team who can maintain your web presence. Monthly services include, page updates, backups, analytics reporting, reputation management, email marketing and more.

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Custom E-Commerce Website Design

Creating a profitable online marketplace requires more than just creating a shopping cart and checkout/payment system. At CPD our team looks at each business individually to
create the right online shopping experience
for each business’ customer base.

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Custom Design & Development

As a San Diego based organization, CPD has developed a successful approach to designing new websites for businesses large and small. Outlined via the link below is the strategy that is used in website design, but also applies to services like internet marketing and corporate branding.

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Site & Server Cybersecurity Services

Capabilities and counsel that give you confidence in your website security regiment.
Weaknesses in security can jeopardize your mission, threaten your profitability, and invite fines and penalties from regulatory bodies. Let our experts help refine the plan that’s right for your business or organization.

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Website Consulting Services

Whether it’s simple tweaks, major marketing initiative, or a complete redesign, you’ve come to the right place for your website consulting services. You can rely on our team to target an action plan for your goals today!

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Content Management Systems

To keep a website up-to-date and its content relevant, Crown Point Design recommends a robust content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. A CMS is the software that allows users to edit the text, images, news updates, and blog posts of a website in a coding-free, user-friendly platform. Although CMS websites come with a higher up-front development cost, they carry the long-term benefit of being able to control the content of your own website.

With a CMS website, you’ll never be stuck depending on a website company to make every small change to your site. Editing a CMS site is as easy as working in a word processing document. CPD knows that allowing non-technical users to manage the content of their websites is an extremely valuable feature in today’s rapidly changing web environment.


Incorporating a content management system into your website has many benefits. Major advantages include:

  • Streamlined Site Updates — Non-technical users may make updates to the website without involving a webmaster, saving time and costs.
  • Content Creation — New site pages are easily generated using a consistent design and site structure.
  • SEO Benefits — Show search engines that you are constantly generating new information while keeping clean code, custom page names, and meta tags for each new page.
  • Branding — Maintain a consistent design across all pages, sub-domains, blogs, or portal websites.
  • Role Based Editing — Each user may access and modify only the areas of the website for which they are responsible.

Crown Point Design will work to customize the design, functionality, and navigation of the CMS to fit the specific needs of your organization. Training is included to ensure that the content managers have the resources they need to manage a successful website.

Custom Web Design

Crown Point Design located in San Diego, CA, creates custom web designs that are unique to your organization. Using the latest web technologies, CPD produces cutting-edge looks that help each client stand out. A custom website design includes many components – read below for some of these features.


Smartphones are continuing to grow in power and popularity. Web browsers on smartphones and tablets are not all the same in the ways that they support Flash, video, and other media. CPD takes these factors into consideration when designing a website and testing on multiple applications, including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry TIM, and more.


Driving visitors to your website is one of the biggest challenges people face online. With an influx of websites in every market, SEO is a vital aspect of any web marketing campaign. CPD can utilize SEO strategies to improve your website’s placement in searches with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. We offer free recommendations for areas of improvement in white-hat SEO, along with packages to help improve your search engine rankings over time.


Reaching international markets, lowering operating costs, and allowing customers 24/7 access are only some of the benefits to opening an online store. San Diego based Crown Point Design can integrate a dynamic shopping cart and checkout system that allows for inventory management and sales statistics. For a low start-up cost, CPD can quickly get your online store up and running.


Page navigation and overall layout are both important aspects to the user experience. The goal of CPD websites is combine a modern and innovative layout while keeping the navigation simple, allowing easy access to the information users want. Crown Point Design creates well-organized layouts to compliment unique web designs for San Diego businesses.


Incorporating an analytics feature into your website allows you to track the return on your website investment. Statistics include the ability to track total visitors to your website, what pages users are going to, and the amount of time they spend on each page. The information provided in analytics reports is invaluable to making constant improvements to your site. Let CPD implement an analytics application for a very low cost.


CPD offers website hosting plans based out of San Diego that are affordable, secure, and reliable. Our CPanel accounts allow for domain control, FTP access, and file management, among other services. Web hosting is a required component of owning a website, and what better way to host than with your website designers?


Streamlining business operations by allowing non-technical users to manage website content is a simple way to lower overall costs. An easy-to-use, browser-based CMS can be integrated into your website, allowing site contributors to quickly add or change content without affecting the design.


Using the best tools for the job has always been a critical part to any project. In the rapidly changing online world, make sure your business starts on the right foot by selecting the best tool for the job. Whether it is a simple informational site or a complex social enabled online shopping experience, our team will make sure you get the right tool for the job.

Custom WordPress Web Design

WordPress is one of the leading open source technologies on the internet today. As it was initially geared toward blogging, WordPress has very easy-to-use tools that allow non-technical users to manage content. Crown Point Design focuses in developing custom WordPress websites that allow businesses to control the content of their entire site through an easy to use back-end system. To learn more about developing a site in WordPress, we invite you to Contact Us.


  • Open Source – WordPress is an open source technology which means that it can be downloaded and installed absolutely FREE.
  • User Community – One of the most widely used CMS tools means that there is a great user community that provides great online forums, tutorials, and free services.
  • Security – Based on the size of the user community, WordPress will be around for a long time, which means that there will continue to be upgrades to security and other features.
  • Flexibility – The ability to customize WordPress to manage an entire website makes it one of the top choices for a content management system.
  • Ease-of-Use – With some very basic training (1-3 hrs) you will be able to manage the content of your site or blog.


As mentioned, the primary use of the WordPress technology is aimed at an easy to implement and manage blog. One of the best things about WordPress is the user community that offers up incredible enhancements, plugins, frameworks, and templates to help extend the basic software. CPD specializes in helping install and customize blogs to replicate the branding of your website and meet the needs of your organization. CPD uses a WordPress based system on its website and blog!


Crown Point Design has been utilizing WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for several years. Organizations that need to control the content of their websites can utilize a custom website built in WordPress. Our normal design process applies with the addition of training. Projects built in WordPress typically additional 1-2 weeks longer than basic static websites.


WordPress also naturally increases a site’s search engine optimization. Easily manageable content means that information on your site, such as events or news, will be updated consistently. When search engines crawl the site and read new content, the site’s natural content ranking increases.

Meta tagging in WordPress is handled automatically. Doing so not only saves time when creating content, but it also gives structure to the site and the relevant parts of content for accurate search results. WordPress also features customizable permalink structures. Using the appropriate structure will put page titles into the URL, making particular pages easier to find in search engines.