Shopify Burst - Free stock images for personal and commercial use

Shopify Launches Burst, a Free Stock Photos Site for Entrepeneurs

Free is almost always a good thing and Shopify’s brand new site, Burst is no exception.  It offers great looking, free stock images, curated collections and even a “business idea” area for the “itchy” entrepreneur. While we always encourage our clients to use custom, professional photography where possible, there are a growing number of great resources out…

Inspiring Photography for Designers

Jaw Dropping Iceberg Photos

In San Diego we don’t see a lot of icebergs, but as web designers we are always looking for inspiration and the beauty of other talented designers and photographer’s work. Today I came across Camille Seaman’s TED Talk on photographing icebergs. Throughout her career Camille has witnessed some amazing footage that she shares passion to…

When Does Website Creativity Impact Usability

Creativity is an important part distinguishing your brand in multiple platforms including your website, blog, or even business cards. When it comes to websites there is a line between being creative and negatively impacting the user experience. Here are some components to user experience that need to be considered when creativity is taking over.
Navigation Placement
Whether you like it or not, there is a certain navigation standard that users have become accustomed to. A top horizontal bar or left vertical bar are typical web design components.