Breakfast With Santa Flyer 1

Our Design Gift to You Free Flyer Template

The holiday season is upon us already. We would like to provide a free gift to designers out there that are looking for a holiday template for their marketing materials. This is a template we were working on for a charity event here in San Diego that ended up gettting scrapped. Hopefully someone can put it to good use! Eps/psd files can be downloaded here for flyer 1 & here for flyer 2

When Does Website Creativity Impact Usability

Website Creativity and User ExperienceCreativity is an important part distinguishing your brand in multiple platforms including your website, blog, or even business cards. When it comes to websites there is a line between being creative and negatively impacting the user experience. Here are some components to user experience that need to be considered when creativity is taking over.

Navigation Placement

Whether you like it or not, there is a certain navigation standard that users have become accustomed to. A top horizontal bar or left vertical bar are typical web design components.

IE + Firebug Lite = A Love Story

Firebug LiteHere at CPD, when we are doing our bug/browser testing on new sites, Internet Explorer has always been our last and least favorite web browser to test in. It has no native developer tools and very poor plugin support, which has always made debugging code in it very cumbersome. Unfortunately for us, Internet Explorer is also the most bug prone and widely used web browser on the planet. This makes the obvious solution of ignoring its existence somewhat impractical…