Social Media Links for WebsitesHaving a presence in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Youtube is critical to your web presence. Linking these together with your own website is an important way to tie together your online marketing efforts. You should think of your website as your central marketing tool. All online and offline campaigns should drive users to your website. For example – blog articles should link directly to your site, tweets should provide a link for more information, and print ads should have your URL listed. These are some of the ways to use your website as a central marketing tool.

It is also significant for search engines to see your business’s online presence. Is there more than one company out there with your business name? If so, linking together all of the resources that are ‘yours’ helps your credibility with Google.

Including links for the social media resources that are right for your business is becoming the norm across websites. Is your site properly linked to your Facebook fan page, Yelp listing, Twitter feed, and Blog? For more information on properly linking social media resources to your website, contact Crown Point Design.

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