Google To Penalize Non Mobile Friendly Sites

For the majority of companies we’ve worked with, having their website show up in search results is an important priority. It’s rare that we encounter an organization that doesn’t care about being found with an appropriate Google search. If search result placement is at all important to you, we want you to be aware of a change that Google is making to their search algorithm.

Google Analytics adds enhancements

Google Analytics Adds More Value to ROI Tracking

At Crown Point Design, we highly recommend Google Analytics be installed on your website. Google recently announced that they have updated several areas of their free service including user interface enhancements, real-time reporting, flow visualization, multi-channel funnels, and mobile reporting. These enhancements help organizations to further analyze their online performance and return on investments. CPD…

The Super Bowl Ads That Drew Attention

Super Bowl TV CommercialsAfter a commercial have you ever heard people say something like “well that was a dumb ad” and then the entire room breaks into a discussion about the product? If that is the case then the marketing team did their job. The goal of an advertisement, whether it be television, print, or online, is to get you thinking about their product or service. The more you think about it, then the next time you are in a buying mode that brand name will be attractive to you.

With that said there were some commercials during yesterday’s Super Bowl that drew more attention than others.

Adding Social Media Links To Your Website

Social Media Links for WebsitesHaving a presence in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Youtube is critical to your web presence. Linking these together with your own website is an important way to tie together your online marketing efforts. You should think of your website as your central marketing tool. All online and offline campaigns should drive users to your website. For example – blog articles should link directly to your site, tweets should provide a link for more information, and print ads should have your URL listed. These are some of the ways to use your website as a central marketing tool.