Android's Giant Labyrinth Technology

5/24/11 – A little over a week ago at Google’s annual conference I/O 2011, they announced many new product and service offerings. Many of the big announcements during day 1’s keynote revolved around the use of the Android operating system including the ADK (Android Accessory Development Kit). They went on to demo this hardware and software platform by showing how a labyrinth can be controlled by a tablet. The extendability of the ADK was displayed at the conference on an even bigger level as they used a tablet to control a giant, larger than life size labyrinth.

CPD Review

Practical No, Awesome YES. My grandparents used to have one of these and I could play with it for hours. How fun would one of this scale be? Well done geeks, well done!

The CPD Blog features a new techie toy every Tuesday. Many of the featured products we have not used and may not be practical, but part of the fun is playing with the idea “what if…” and “wouldn’t that be kool…” We will give our opinion and then you be the judge.


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