Desktop Sharing ( is a great desktop sharing tool that allows users to share their desktop with selected participants. This free tool has proven to be great for sharing websites and other design work remotely. There is a very simple sharing procedure that involves one person sharing their desktop and providing a simple access code to other participants. It is fast and easy to understand the setup steps. We have been able to show things to very non-technical users using over the past 6 months.

There is additional functionality in such as a chat feature and a more powerful tool that allows you to share control of the screen with another user. Using the sharing feature, we have been able to help users trouble shoot IT problems, browser issues, and other website related issues very easily through a remote interface.

A third great mechanism that we have used for is the ability to replicate issues and see clients bugs. Ever have trouble replicating an issue that a client has found? Login to and have them share their screen so you can see the issue and save time.

Who should use

It has proven to be a great tool for website designers, developers, system administrators, team calloborators, and many more.

Is it MAC and PC compatable?

Yes, we have had sharing sessions with MAC and PC users combined and things work great!

How does it compare to Webex and Livemeeting?

There are many paid for solutions for desktop collaboration that have lots more features. The advantage to is that it is FREE and easy to use!

Simply put it is an awesome tool. Enjoy.

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