One of the most common SEO tips that we give as part of Crown Point Design’s free SEO site consultations, is to optimize the page titles on your site.

Page Title

Page Titles are located in the very top left corner of your web browser. We often find that websites are using the same page title for every page and is usually very generic such as:

<title>Crown Point Design – Home</title>

The page title is actually included with the meta-tags, which is information describing the page. Each page should have a unique title that describes the content of that page. This helps search engines like Google to determine the information on the page. As we know, it is important to help Google out whenever possible to achieve the best possible search results.

Optimizing page titles has become a white-hat best practice in SEO techniques. try to be descriptive about your page titles, but not too long. Some people estimate that the maximum allowable length is 75 characters including spaces for most web browsers.

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