Google recently announced its plans to discontinue the services of Google Video. This comes as no surprise to many as rumors have gone around for a while about Google’s plans to increase the use and relevance of YouTube videos.

Google purchased YouTube in Oct. of 2006 for a lofty $1.65 billion. YouTube is still seeing daily video uploads in record quantities. So how can utilizing YouTube video help your SEO? Because video will become a broader part of Google’s search plans, if optimized correctly, videos that you include on your website may have more visibility in searches than those on YouTube. Here’s how…

Each video that you create in YouTube should have its own landing page on your website. This page should include a title and description. Along with other best practices on your website, these videos will begin to gain traction with Google as they push Youtube videos.

What about videos that are not yours? You can use videos that you have not created but want to display on your website. The same SEO principals apply and you may even see these videos get better placement in searches than the actual YouTube clips.

Video and multi-media are very important for the next generation of the web. But remember, don’t ignore the SEO… Happy Hunting!

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