Logo DesignHere is a fun game about how strong logo design and brand recognition have become to businesses. Designing logos is an art form and making them have a lasting impression that you can identify them when they are only partially complete is brainwashing. That is what these top companies have done to some degree. We are surrounded by branding and advertisements so much that recognition of the most popular colors, fonts, and shapes has become effortless. So the question is how brainwashed are you?

Play Incomplete Logo Trivia Game | Another Logo Trivia Game

Logo Identity and Recognition


3 thoughts on “Name The Incomplete Logo

  1. Andy

    Everyone in New England should be able to get the one in the third row, second column. They are EVERYWHERE

  2. There are no technical rules for designing logos. A good logo is onethat can easily be recorded in our memory and captures ourattention and that should be associated with the company vision.

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