wordpress-backup-and-updateCrown Point Design offers a service for our WordPress website clients that includes managing data backups and software upgrades. This service includes updates to the WordPress core architecture of your website and to plugins that are released on a regular basis. Keeping these items up-to-date ensures you are using the latest functionality and security updates. Backing up your website is also important in the event of disaster recovery needs. Let CPD manage these tasks for you.

CPD will ensure a full website and database backup is taken before completing any upgrades. We complete a full test of the website to fix any bugs that may occur upon updating. With our experieced WordPress developers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your website updates and backups are as safe and seamless as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading WordPress?

Take advantage of the latest functionality

WordPress is always coming out with new functionality. By upgrading to the latest version you are taking advantage of the best open-source CMS on the market.

Prevent issues before they arise

The WordPress organization is vigilant about keeping its software secure and its millions of users protected. But you can’t shield your website from attacks unless you install and apply the WordPress updates to your WP website. When you do, you’re fixing the problem before it starts. Consider this service to be a form of preventative maintenance, like an oil change!

Protect your custom design

WordPress offers a one-click update for basic websites using the free WordPress themes. If you have a custom design from CPD, upgrading WordPress could affect your customizations. Depending on your organization’s needs, your website may have utilized plugins from different WordPress developers. Plugins are sometimes independent pieces of software that also are constantly being improved upon. Keeping your plugins updated has similar benefits and will ensure that they continue to play nicely with newer versions of WordPress. We’ll take care of those updates and settings as well.

Peace of mind with one less task on your plate

If you don’t often log in to your WordPress site to make text and image changes, you may not even know when it is time for an update. If you see a notification like the one below, then you may want to consider a full site and database backup, and a solid website upgrade!


How often are you backing up your website?

Before running upgrades it is critical that your website be backed up in the event that issues arise with the upgrade process. CPD handles website backups on your behalf and stores the data securely in the event it is needed for disaster recovery.

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