It is scary to think about the online footprint we leave and the ability that both companies and individuals can access. Purchase behavior, search queries, click behavior, and more. As an internet marketing firm in San Diego, we recommend, install, and analyze web metrics tools like Google Analytics to understand how websites are performing. The question that is debated since the invention of the web is how does privacy play a roll?

I will never forget when I worked for a CMS based computer software company as my first job out of college in the marketing department and learned that their raffles were rigged to favor potential prospects or high-end customers. Really? I remember at the time trying to talk them out of it and being a little bit embarrassed to be part of a lie. We collected business cards, email addresses, or whatever business information we could with the promise that they had an equal share in the prize and then turned on them by hand selecting winners.

As it turns out this was not the only business that takes advantage of data collection in an immoral way. Businesses around the globe are looking for every angle to see how they can make the most money.

The bottom line is that a large majority of websites are collecting data in some way. It is about the how we handle that data in a moral way that is important. With that said, please fill out this form and tell us about your web needs 🙂

This is a good video from TED that talks to this issue specifically.

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