Web Designers are always looking for ideas and inspiration from other developers. I very often get into our San Diego based office at CPD and start my day by surfing the web to find awesome websites to pull ideas from. Whether the sites are built in WordPress, Joomla, static HTML/CSS or other platforms does not matter. The idea is to look at things in a new way and develop skills in various forms of web design. Here are a few I recently found worth checking out.

Jim Carey’s Official Website


A friend pointed this one out to me, this flash based site is one of the most unique I have ever seen. Not to mention the fact that Dumb and Dumber is still a personal favorite.

Jim Carey Official Website

Guide to the App Galaxy


Powered by Google this site provides marketing material about how to bring mobile Apps to the shelves and get them in the hands of users. This is worth a look for both design and content.

Guide to the App Galaxy



The thought of colored toilet paper has never even crossed my mind, but this e-commerce website gets me thinking…

Extra Colorful Ecommerce Website

Chicken Charlie’s


Ok, we have to throw in 1 website designed by CPD because we are really excited about the upcoming San Diego fair! Once a year we take a break from website design in San Diego. Check out this year’s new fried items.

Chcicken Charlie's Website

Serial Cut


I still haven’t figured out what this website is about, but if you scroll through the images you get everything from the whacky to the bizarre. Great use of browser space as well.

Serial Cut Website

2 thoughts on “5 Websites Providing Design Inspiration

  1. Allie tried their deep fried jelly donut with chicken last year.. I loved it, she did not. Lol
    You should ask her 😉

  2. Tom Vassallo

    Chicken Charlies might be a great contact for rehearsal dinner! What do you think?

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