5/31/11 – If you own an IPad and only have one App, I recommend it to be Flipboard. It aggregates social media and popular web content into a fun and easy to use ‘e-book’. Taking your friends Twtitter and Facebook posts, images, and videos, Flipboard puts them together for you in a digital magazine. Flipboard is helping change the way that users interact with social media and get their news. Additionally, Flipboard provides the ability to communicate with your friends and followers by sharing, commenting, and ‘liking’ the content displayed to you.

CPD Review

What a great way to start the day and catch up on what is going on not only with your friends on Facebook but around the world. I really loved FlipTech which aggregates techie articles from Fast Company, Mashable, Engadget, and more. This App is a must have if you own an IPad, but unfortunately there is no short term development plans for Android devices which is frustrating.

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