Managing Google AdwordsAre you spending money in sponsored search? Adwords is Google’s product for managing sponsored search campaigns through pay per click advertising (PPC). If so, Adwords campaigns need to be nurtured and have a daily focus in order to achieve top results. When managing a budget in Adwords, it is important to test various campaigns and settings. Here are a few tips to help improve the success of your online sponsored search campaigns:

1) Run Multiple Campaigns – In Adwords, Facebook, and Bing/Yahoo it is possible to run multiple campaigns at the same time. This is the best practice for acheiving high results. Try to separate campaigns by topic (i.e. product A, product B, service 1, service 2, etc.)

2) Set Geographic Settings – Most businesses have a specific target market they are trying to capture. Make sure to set your ads to only display to users in a certain area in order to maximize the value of your ad exposure.

3) Keyword Research – There are multiple tools including Adwords own research generator to understand the volume of search terms. Knowing what keywords drive the most traffic and are the most affordable is valuable information.

4) Try New Things – A lot of online marketing has to do with testing. Run campaigns in various markets, campaign titles, landing pages etc. and determine what gets the best results. Remember that things online are always changing… so should your ads.

5) Use Landing Pages – Each of your sponsored search ads should be directed to a specific landing page about that ad. This helps improve your quality score and gives you a way to measure the results of each campaign.

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