netflixWhile recently shopping for a new HD LCD Television I was shocked to learn how far the technology has come. Most of the new high end televisions are now providing Ethernet connections to access the Internet. This has allowed TVs to add online widgets for live weather, local news, traffic updates, sports scores, and much more.

In one CNET review I watched about an LG TV, I learned about Netflix streaming which allows you to connect to your online Netflix account and essentially watch any movie within your que. Only a few years ago, the ability to mail movies back and forth took over the retail movie rentals industry. Now TVs will make it even more convenient for users.

Marketers can start preparing for these advancements and look for opportunities to advertise in the appropriate places. Perhaps building one of these TV widgets that promotes your branding will go a long way. Although the technology is still young and the user community is still small… marketers prepare!

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