All companies are competing for the same landscape… to be on the first page of search results. Perhaps you have done everything right and your site follows all the white-hat SEO guidelines. So, why are you still buried in the mix of competitors? The answer may be as simple as patience.

The best strategy for SEO is to consider it a marathon, not a sprint. Google and other search engines work like spiders, crawling your website looking for updated content, relative links, and a flurry of additional best practices. Eventually, if you constantly prove to Google that you are providing up-to-date information and additional resources; you’ll build credibility. As time goes on, search engines recognize your efforts and increase your page rankings.

In addition to best practices, one of the top criteria for increasing your website’s page rank and traffic is by incorporating inbound links from other credible resources. As search engine spiders crawl the web they’ll come across your link and notice where it’s from. The spiders then store your site in the bank and continue on their way. Over time, as the spiders find your site in several places, they begin to realize that it must be pretty important and therefore increase your page rank. The underlying theme here; however, still is patience.

Another criteria for page rank is the tenure of your website. Google, as well as other search engines, recognize a website’s longevity. Simply put, the longer your site has been up… the more credibility it gets. This is a major advantage to companies that have had a longer web presence. Additionally, search engines reward companies that have invested for the long haul by registering their domain names for extended periods of time. Instead of spending $5.99 per year on your web domain; why not spend an extra 10 bucks and have it registered for five years? Coughing up the extra money will help your SEO!

All SEO techniques and strategies share a common theme, ‘patience is a virtue.’ Invest in your website SEO now to build web traffic for the future!

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