San Diego Website HostingFinding a hosting company can be a tricky task with all the competition out there. In San Diego alone there are dozens if not hundreds of company’s that offer website hosting. The normal route to find a vendor is to read online reviews. The danger is the content that is out there can not always be trusted.

The competition between the larger hosting companies is so dishonest that companies are leaving bad reviews for their competitors to make themselves look better. Additionally, top keyword searches in Google are extremely competitive including pay per click ads.

So let this be a warning that what you read online is not always true. I bet you’ve heard that one before…

When it comes to selecting a good hosting company for your website the two top considerations should be security and customer service. It is of course important to have great reliability and up time for a web host, but security of your files is clearly top priority. File safety and knowing that your system is secure should be worth paying for.

Without getting into the technicalities of bandwidth, disk space, databases, etc. customer service is the second most important consideration. The truth is that most hosting packages are comparable when it comes to price and specs. Many of the big hosting companies have very poor customer service for the entry level hosting client. The main reason is that support is outsourced to India or that their staff con not handle the number of inquiries.

Our recommendation is to look toward a smaller company that can provide better support and has the capabilities to fulfill security requirements.

For more information on website hosting, contact Crown Point Design.

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