Effectively Use PowerPointHave you every struggled at getting the audiences attention when giving a presentation? PowerPoint is a presentation tool that has been widely used for over a decade, but still people struggle to use it effectively. This video gives some great tips on giving a presentation that will engage your audience. During your next presentation you will be sure to use some of these tips to create a better presentation.

CPD can help brand a PowerPoint deck for your business so you have a stock design that you use on all presentations to clients, prospects, and partners. Ideal designs are simple and have a good use of color and space. As was noted in the video, some of the most important aspects of a good PowerPoint presentation include:

  • Keeping slides short and eye-catching
  • Not putting exactly what you are going to say on the slide
  • Putting the most important information on top of the slide and least at the bottom
  • Try to have the same amount of time spent on every slide in the presentation
  • Don’t overwhelm people with too many flashy fades, sounds, or gimmick

Watch people like Steve Jobs who give excellent presentations and try to replicate their style.

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