Let me just begin by saying that I have been in “web design hell” before I met Scott and Topher.  (I worked mostly with Topher but Scott was very nice too)  I had previously hired a developer who worked with me for 3 weeks on my site – then one day quit and deleted my site with no warning!  Reeling from this I quickly found another developer who had the personality of a rock and was not organized or could communicate effectively.  I fired him.  Next, I was on to a highly reputable firm in downtown San Diego – I will not name the company as they could not help me and did not charge me.  Finally, I found Crown Point Designs on Yelp.  I dont know why I didnt look on Yelp sooner, but am I glad I did.  Not only did they fix/reassemble my website, they did it in 1/5 of the time it took everyone else.
My experience was great because Crown Point Design is:

  • Organized:  Gave me a breakdown of the cost and the tasks associated with the project along with the timeline. (I was surprised how quickly they could complete the work)
  • Thoughtful:  Listened to what my needs were and were sensitive to the fact that I had been “burned” by previous firms.  They walked me through everything.  This made me feel very safe.
  • Reliable:  They were extremely consistent in keeping in touch with me and letting me know the progress of the project.
  • Helpful:  Had plenty of advice for me about my site and how to best optimize it.  Even gave me personal tutorials on how to do certain things.

To summarize, I will definitely like to work with Crown Point Designs again and will refer them at every opportunity I have!

Thank you again CPD – you will be hearing from me again soon!