It’s been a bit over a year since I had Scott and Crown Point Design rebuild my site, and I’m happier today than I was back then, and I was very happy then.

My site gets about 900-1000 hits a day, most just looking for information on our site, but we’re getting about 8% of those hits actually contact us for more information. From that, we’re able to convert a large percentage to actual paying and repeat customers. With Scott’s help, we send out a weekly ‘Thank you for contacting our site’ email, and then a monthly newsletter.

We are a small freight broker, and for a number of Google searches, our site actually comes up in the top spot over national carriers!! Awhile back, I complained to Scott about getting all these phone calls from people who thought we were XYZ Carrier, and then he made me realize what a GOOD thing that was, since our site was coming up on top, ahead of them.

Our sales will about double in 2011 over 2010, and since we are a web-based business, much of that success can be attributed to Scott and his design of our site.