YouTube Users Watch over 100 Videos per Month

Did you know that the average YouTube user watched over 100 videos during the month of May? comScore released a video matrix today about online user-ship of services like YouTube, Hulu, and more. The stats show that there are 183 millions users in the US that watch internet video. Setting a new record, the average YouTube user watched 101.2 videos during the month of May and 14.6 billion total views.

This demonstrates the opportunities that are available online by getting involved in video marketing, demos, tutorials, recorded webinars, and other ways to post information online.

Using Video to Improve your SEO

Google recently announced its plans to discontinue the services of Google Video. This comes as no surprise to many as rumors have gone around for a while about Google’s plans to increase the use and relevance of YouTube videos. YouTube
Google purchased YouTube in Oct. of 2006 for a lofty $1.65 billion. YouTube is still seeing daily video uploads in record quantities. So how can utilizing YouTube video help your SEO?