All Designers Should be NAPP Members

CPD is proud to be a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). There are many benefits to joining NAPP including being part of the large member community that ranges from beginners to professionals. The association is a great fit for Photographers, but also provides value for graphic designers and website designers due to the large range of tutorials and resources that are available online.

Membership fees are $99 for 1-year or $179 for a 2-year membership. Included in your NAPP membership is a subscription to Photoshop user Magazine.

CPD Product Review: Color Cop

Have you been stuck in the situation of trying to determine what the exact RGB or PMS color of an image is? Website designers and graphic designers know the importance of color when it comes to branded images such as logos. It is important to stay consistent. Color Cop is a program that runs from your desktop or laptop and can identify any on screen color.
The tool couldn’t be easier to use. You simply grab the eye dropper icon and drag it across the screen to the exact pixel of color that you are trying to identify. Color Cop then displays the hexadecimal RGB color. You can then use the color chart interface to change the color within the Adobe CS like color wheel.