As a San Diego based organization, CPD has developed a successful approach to designing new websites for businesses large and small. Outlined here is the strategy that is used in website design, but also applies to services like internet marketing and corporate branding.

The Importance of Website Design

In today’s competitive web environment, having a website that is visually appealing is very important. Here is a few reasons why designing custom websites is so important:

  • Browser compatibility – your website needs to look the same in all web browsers.
  • Ease-of-use – a well designed website makes it very easy for users to navigate to the information they want.
  • SEO benefits – Search engines like Google are so advanced, that they can detect well designed websites and help improve their ranking.
  • Branding – Make the website a reflection of your business with a creative unique design.

Our Process to Designing Websites

CPD takes great pride in our ability to work with clients and produce high quality websites. A successful relationship between the designer and client always revolves around communication. From our San Diego offices, CPD is available to meet and discuss all web projects.

Identifying the needs of the client and helping to define the terms and technologies that are involved are an important first step in custom website design. It is critical that the client understand their own needs before depending upon a website design company to help them.

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