Video of the Week: A Magical Sky

In a scene that looks like it is from Never Never Land, this video shows 11,000 lanterns being released into the sky in Poznan, Poland. The lanterns were released on June 21, 2011 in celebration of the start of summer on the longest day of the year. The illuminated sky happened near the Warta River and…


Picture Of The Day :: Illusions Of Arabia

This photo has been circling the web for some time now. You have to study it closely to understand its beauty… The white lines are the camels while the black figures are the shadows. Do you see it now? Amazing right. Camels walking in a heard have never looked so amazing. This picture was taken by…


December Specials – Holiday Cards

December Specials from CPDIt is time to start thanking customers, partners, and vendors that you work with for another great year. CPD can help create email templates and holiday cards that are custom to your brand and target audience. Contact us by calling (858) 352-6292 or email

This Month Our Specials Include:
1) $30 Off on Holiday Email Templates
2) 10% Savings on Holiday Card Design


Support World Bicycle Relief This Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season it is always a good time to help others in need through charitable giving. In that regard, I want to introduce a non-profit organization that we have fallen in love with and are helping spread awareness for. The organization is called the World Bicycle Relief (WBR). In essence, the WBR…